marți, 12 aprilie 2016

About PPC Click Fraud in Google Adwords

             AdWords Campaigns are being used to attract more potential clients are visitors to your shop or site. If you have used it, you know the rules. Set a budget, an ad group, different keywords and negative keywords and everything is ready to go. The platforms then gives you the results of it. Clicks that are being made in time, actual visitors and actual buyers if you have set up the ecommerce tracking. If you study close, you usually see that the numbers of click is higher then the actual buyers and users. That’s because a lot of clicks are being made either by your manually competition to ruin your budget or by robots build especially for this. The term is usually known as ppc click fraud.

              We came with a solution. A program that trough its algorithm understands which clicks are being made by an actual user or which are just meant to ruin your campaign. The program is easy to set, it 2 minutes everything is set up and ready to go. We believe so much in its capacity and efficiency that we give a 14 days free trial. You can use it in this time and see the impact in has on your campaign. More actual users for the same amount of budget. No more worrying that your money is being spend recklessly.

              You can either let the program do it’s job, that means we analyses each particular click that’s being made and decides which is legit in which is a PPC Click Fraud. Or you can manually set the program to ban an IP after a number of repeated click. After this you can choose the numbers of hours that IP is banned and when it can see again your ads. Simple as that.

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